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Frank’s Pizza Napoletana’s New Seasonal Pizza May Be Their Best Yet

Featured photo: The Autunno E Inverno, a new seasonal pizza from Frank's Pizza Napoletana. Frank's Pizza Napoletana, the Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant at 6950 Fern Avenue in Shreveport, has released a new menu for Fall 2014, including ...

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Judd Smith of Wine Country Bistro Talks Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Featured photo: Judd Smith of Wine Country Bistro. A self-described "obsessive nerd," Judd Smith is the affable but difficult-to-photograph ("I have resting meanface, I always look angry") beverage director for Cadre Hospitality Group, ...

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Gobble, Gobble: Two Shreveport Eateries Offer Thanksgiving-Themed Burgers

Featured photo: The awe-inspiring Thanksgiving burger from Windrush Grill in Shreveport. Photo courtesy Matt Snyder. My favorite part of Thanksgiving, honestly, was always leftovers. I would inevitably construct some insane sandwich out of rolls, turkey, dressing and ...

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Talking Twisted Mules with Grant Nuckolls of Twisted Root

Featured Photo: I talked with Grant Nuckolls, proprietor and chief burger officer of Twisted Root Burger Company in Shreveport, about some of the unique offerings found at Twisted Root's bar. Photos by Jim Noetzel.

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Great New Food, Drink Options at the Shreveport Farmers’ Market

Photo Note: The featured photo associated with this post is of a Vietnamese bahn mi sandwich ($3) from All in the Phamily Vietnamese Food, a vendor at the Shreveport Farmers' Market. The Shreveport Farmers' Market ...