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Blue Southern Comfort Food Competes for #BetterBurgerProject Recognition

Featured Photo: A mushroom burger slider from Blue Southern Comfort Foods. Photo by Jim Noetzel. Say what you will about Carolyn Huggins Simmons, chef and owner at Blue Southern Comfort Foods in Shreveport, ...

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Smokey Coyote: Very Good, Cheap Tacos in West Shreveport

Featured photo: Tacos al pastor (I ordered them without minced pineapple, but the pineapple is an option) from Smokey Coyote.  I know that I've posted about several taquerías and taco vendors recently, but I can't help it. ...

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Bartender Profile: Joanna Foster of Wine Country Bistro

Featured photo: An Old Fashioned cocktail prepared by Joanna Foster of Wine Country Bistro & Bottle Shop. Photo by guest blogger Judd Smith.  Editor's Note: This post brings to a close a series of three contributions on ...

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A Beautiful Meal: Chef Frederick Ngo’s Clay Pot Dinner at Jimmy’s Seafood & Steak

Featured photo: Chilean sea bass prepared in a traditional Vietnamese "clay pot" method by Chef Frederick Ngo of Jimmy's Steak & Seafood. Photo by Jim Noetzel.  Whenever I'm attempting to sum up what I find so special ...

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3 Great Vietnamese Bánh Mi Sandwiches in Shreveport-Bossier

A Vietnamese bánh mi sandwich is a crispy French baguette stuffed with charbroiled pork, ham, herbs, liver paté and pickled vegetables. While extolling the virtues of these incredible sandwiches, I usually lose a certain percentage of people at "liver paté." But ...