What’s the All the Rave About Shreveport’s Prize Fest? Oh, We’ll Tell You…

Prize Fest describes itself as “the most amazing culmination of festivals on planet earth,” and I don’t disagree. This multi-day festival encompasses competitions in music, fashion, film, food, and comedy. Attendees will enjoy fun, quirky, and classic styles of art and are encouraged to vote for their favorites, and winners will receive a cash prize. This hybrid, multi-day festival is scheduled to take place Sept. 24-Oct. 2, with passes ranging from $10-$350. Click here to purchase Prize Fest passes. But if you’re still wondering why people are raving about Prize Fest, I’ve broken down the festival based on your art interest:

Fashion Prize – Friday, Sept. 24

Fashion Prize is a year-long fashion design competition that reveals its top contenders during Prize Fest. This year, six designers are gearing up for a chance to win $2,500. These designers are evaluated by nationally recognized judges. Fashion Prize begins on opening day, Friday, Sept 24. Click here for more information about Fashion Prize.

Music Prize – Sept. 24-25

Let the rhythm of Music Prize take you away. Ten bands will compete for the largest cash prize ever, $10,000. Some are saying it’s the biggest, boldest Music Prize event ever. Don’t miss this. For more information about Music Prize, click here.

Film Prize – Sept. 30-Oct. 2

Movie buffs will appreciate Film Prize because you’ll be the judge of 20 short films. Filmmakers from across the world create projects for Film Prize and only 20 are selected to compete for the grand prize of $25,000. For more information about Film Prize, click here.

Comedy Prize – Saturday, Oct. 2

Standup comedy is truly an art, and Comedy Prize has five contestants from across the nation are prepared to give you a laugh that hurts – You know, the teary-eyed, ab-clenching, bellowing laughter we can’t fight. Each will take the stage for a chance to win $1,000. Click here for more information about Comedy Prize.

Food Prize – Saturday, Oct. 2

Food fanatics crave a ticket to Food Prize. Seven celebrity chefs and seven local chefs will be paired to compete in this culinary competition to secure the Food Prize Golden Fork and a grand prize of $2,500 cash! Click here for more information about Food Prize.

*Prize Fest recently announced their COVID-19 safety protocols. All attendees are required to provide a negative COVID-19 test or present a vaccination card. Click here for more information.

A photo of Gregory Kallenberg drinking tequila

So, yeah…locals are raving about Prize Fest for significant reason. Art lovers can indulge in experiential artforms up close and personal, and chime in with their opinions where it counts. Purchase your tickets now, or sign up to be a volunteer to get a taste of Shreveport’s Prize Fest.

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