Top 5 Foods You Have to Try at Taste of the State Fair of Louisiana

The annual State Fair of Louisiana has postponed its festivities until spring of 2021 and will return with a double-whammy in fall 2021. But for now, we can all get a taste of the traditional deep-fried, cheese-drenched, slow-smoked, bacon-wrapped fair foods from now through Sunday, Nov. 8 at the Taste of the State Fair. Although I miss shrieking on the most obnoxious amusement rides and eyeballing exceptionally large teddy bears, fair-style foods are a legendary component to the overall fair experience. Here’s a countdown of my top five favorite State Fair foods:

5. There isn’t a more iconic fair food to sink your teeth into than the turkey leg.

I think the reason why I love turkey legs so much is because it’s an independent, mess-free, one-handed meal, making your navigating experience around the State Fair of Louisiana an easy one. Other fair foods may require napkins, forks, or precautionary measures, whereas as the turkey leg is a standalone feast not meant for the dainty.

4. “All Wrapped Up in Bacon” wins concession stand of the year.

I don’t even have to dive too deep into this, but you can order everything swathed in bacon from chicken and cheese fries to hot dogs and jalapenos, and more. It’s a win-win situation here.

3. Deep-fried Oreos – America’s favorite treat has leveled up.

Can we normalize dipping Oreos into batter and bubbling grease instead of milk? This sweet, subtly savory treat is covered in a funnel caked batter and deep-fried before being speckled with powdered sugar. There’s not a sweet tooth in the Ark-La-Tex that can deny this level of scrumptiousness.

2. Cheese fries and gyros are the combo you didn’t know you needed until now.

Gyros are typically served with a Greek salad, grilled zucchini, or couscous, but there’s no better time to switch things up than the Taste of the State Fair. Order a batch of cheese fries to pair with your chicken or steak gyro for a Greecian party in your mouth. Take it a step further and add bacon and jalapenos. YOLO!

1. I think I died and went to hot Cheeto heaven.

I ordered a bucket of chili cheese hot Cheeto nachos with jalapenos and was not prepared for what was served. You have to appreciate the sauciness of the chili and nacho cheese, the kick and crunch of the hot Cheetos, and the jalapeno spice. If I had to describe this dish in one ridiculous sentence, it would go something like this:

“This insanely Instagrammable bucket of hot Cheetos is king of concessions at the Taste of the State Fair, and 100 percent worth the junk food heartburn.”

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