The Reuben at Maxwell’s Market is One of Shreveport’s Best Sandwiches

Yesterday, I ate my first Reuben from Maxwell’s Market, a “fancy groceries” shop located at 4861 Line Avenue in Shreveport. On their lunch menu, this terrific sandwich is billed as “Martin’s Famous Grilled Reuben,” which kind of threw me for a loop. I agree that this sandwich ought to be famous – it’s the best Reuben I’ve had in Shreveport-Bossier, by a long shot. But is it famous? Did all of you know that there was a killer Reuben hiding in plain sight, on one of Shreveport’s busiest commercial corridors, this whole time? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

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A photo of Maxwell's Market
Maxwell’s Market is a “fancy groceries shop” and deli located in Shreveport.

Prepared by deli man Ross Barclay (who, according to the Maxwell’s Market website, is “The Sausage King of Shreveport”), the Maxwell’s Market Reuben is a perfect example of what this classic sandwich should be like. It comes piled high with loads of corned beef, melty Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing between two good slices of marbled rye bread – with a dill pickle on the side.

As far as the “Martin’s Famous” part of the name goes, the sandwich takes its name from a former deli manager at Maxwell’s Market. According to Mr. Barclay, Martin “ate one of these sandwiches just about every day.” I don’t blame him. I assume that he could recommend a great cardiologist.

If I’m being honest, the Reuben at Maxwell’s Market is one of the best things I’ve eaten this year, and one of the most enjoyable sandwiches that I’ve ever had in Shreveport-Bossier. It joins the ranks of Best Stop boudin and Nokey rotel as one of the top three things that I’ve ever eaten off of the trunk of my car. And we eat really well off of our trunks in Louisiana.

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