Superchunk, Bully to Headline Music Prize in Shreveport

The 2018 Louisiana Music Prize will be held, Oct. 4-6, in downtown Shreveport. As in past years, the Music Prize – which is one part of a larger festival called Prize Fest – will feature five jury-selected bands competing for a $2,500 cash prize as well as a big concert featuring national touring headliners. This year’s national headliners will be indie rock legends Superchunk as well as Nashville-based rock trio Bully. Superchunk and Bully will perform, along with the winner of the local showcase, at 512 Texas Street in Shreveport at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 6. Tickets to all Prize Fest events are on sale now.

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A photo of the band Bully
Bully will join Superchunk onstage at the Louisiana Music Prize in Shreveport on Saturday, Oct. 6.

Superchunk have released 11 studio albums, including their fantastic new record, What a Time to Be Alive. Superchunk members Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance also co-founded the hugely influential independent record label Merge Records. Releasing genre-defining records by groups like Arcade Fire, Neutral Milk Hotel and Spoon, Merge Records has played a major role in shaping the sound of indie rock for the last quarter century. It’s a big, exciting deal that they’re headlining the Music Prize festivities. Bully are a much younger band, but they fit great on a bill will Superchunk; both bands produce hard-driving, punk-inspired rock music with a socially conscious message. It should be a great show.

If you’ve never attended Prize Fest, you should know that downtown Shreveport will be alive with activity that weekend. There’ll be chef demos, concerts, short film showcases, food trucks everywhere, and lots of people on the streets. If you’re planning to visit Shreveport for the Superchunk and Bully concert, definitely consider a two- or three-night stay to take in the rest of the festivities. Here’s the festival schedule in broad strokes and here’s the Prize Fest Facebook page, which is a great source for up-to-date info.

Just in case you need it, here’s a link to the 2018 Official Visitors’ Guide to Shreveport-Bossier.

If you’re a Superchunk or Bully fan traveling to Shreveport-Bossier for the show, let us know in the comments where you’re coming from.


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