Meet the Mangonada, A Trendy Taqueria Treat

The mangonada – an Instagram-ready frozen beverage that’s packed with sweet, spicy, and even sour flavors – appears to be having a moment in the spotlight. Food and beverage publications like Food & Wine have recently profiled the colorful drink, which is traditionally sold in Mexican taquerias and fruterías. Luckily for curious food lovers in Shreveport-Bossier, El Bazar Mexicano #2 (2847 Summer Grove Dr, Shreveport) serves an incredible fresh mangonada for $5.99.

“There are a lot of different ways to make a mangonada, of course,” said Julian Gutierrez, who co-owns El Bazar Mexicano #2 with his wife, Kathy. “Our version, which we make fresh, is a Jarritos mangonada. We take a bottle of Jarritos mango, frozen mango chunks, ice and sugar, and blend that together in our Ninja blender. We add some chamoy to the cup, for spice, as well as the tamarind stick.”

A photo of El Bazar Mexicano #2
The exterior of El Bazar Mexicano #2 in Shreveport. Photo by Shannon Palmer.

The tamarind and chili powder-coated straw is sort of like the rug from The Big Lebowski – it ties the drink together – a sour, sweet, and salty topper to the drink that you use as a straw, and then devour. It makes you wonder why edible straws aren’t more of a thing. The combined effect of the drink and the tamarind straw is one of big, mouth-puckering flavors. From one sip to the next, the drink can be very sweet, very salty, sour or spicy.

“People love it,” Kathy said. “It’s really, really great by the pool.”

El Bazar Mexicano #2 has always stood out among local taquerias (read the 20× review here), but recently they’ve become even more adventurous. Gutierrez is rightfully proud of the recipe for vegan al pastor tacos that he’s recently begun serving, and he’s also excited about a new line of aquas frescas – fresh fruit-infused waters that offer a refreshing, guilt-free alternative to soda.

“You can’t come in here with a closed mind, or you might not like it,” Gutierrez said of the recent menu additions. If you’re heading to El Bazar Mexicano #2 for a mangonada, I’d be willing to bet that you’ll like it.

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