318 Restaurant Week: Choose Your Own Peruvian Adventure at El Mono

Pictured: Tallarin verde, a Peruvian-style spaghetti served in homemade pesto sauce and feta cheese, is one of many vegetarian-friendly options being offered by El Mono during 318 Restaurant Week.

If you’re looking for options during 318 Restaurant Week, March 13-17, you may want to start with El Mono. The Peruvian eatery is a relative newcomer to Shreveport-Bossier’s restaurant scene, having opened for business in September 2017 (see our first blog about El Mono). Instead of establishing one or two items as 318 Restaurant Week specials, El Mono is offering special menus for lunch and dinner all week long. For the $10 lunch special, diners can choose from 14 options, all of which will be served with a house salad or Peruvian aguadito soup and a soft drink. For the $20 dinner special, guests can select an appetizer, an entree and a drink. Groups looking to dine together during 318 Restaurant Week may be more accommodated with options here than at any other participating restaurant.

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It’s fitting that El Mono would offer so many options for 318 Restaurant Week; Peruvian cuisine is shaped by a broad range of international influences.

“The reason why we’re offering this diversity of options during 318 Restaurant Week is simply because Peruvian cuisine is diverse in itself,” said El Mono team member Navid Radnia. “Peruvian food has influences from Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Africa and even Cajun and Creole. It was impossible for us to choose one item as a stand-in for all of the flavors of Peru.”

A photo of yuca frita
Yuca frita, a dish of fried cassava root served with two Peruvian dipping sauces, is included on El Mono’s menu for 318 Restaurant Week.

There are three vegetarian entree options on El Mono’s dinner menu for 318 Restaurant Week – it is the only participating restaurant with multiple vegetarian options. All four appetizer options are vegetarian, including the restaurant’s delicious yuca frita – fried cassava root served with two of El Mono’s delicious Peruvian sauces for dipping.

For meat eaters, two of my favorite dishes at El Mono are available at special prices during 318 Restaurant Week. Lomo saltado – a delicious Peruvian spin on steak and fries – and the incredibly rich, comforting chicken stew called aji de gallina are both included in the promotion.

Download the 318 Restaurant Week lunch menu from El Mono.
Download the 318 Restaurant Week dinner menu from El Mono.
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