New to 318 Restaurant Week: Po’ Boys and Pie at Biscotti’s

Boy, was I ever wrong about Biscotti’s, the friendly little restaurant located inside of Lewis’ Gifts at 5807 Youree Drive in Shreveport. Prior to my recent visit, I thought of Biscotti’s as a sandwich counter that was mostly there to provide a convenient place for local ladies to grab a bite before or after shopping at Lewis’ Gifts. And, while it definitely is that, it’s also a restaurant that is creating outstanding food using thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

Biscotti’s will be offering lunch discounts on their shrimp and grits (among the best I’ve had in Shreveport-Bossier), shrimp po’ boys and roast beef po’ boys during 318 Restaurant Week, March 13-17, 2018. See their 318 Restaurant Week offer here.

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A photo of Mike Lewis
No chef’s coat required: Mike Lewis keeps a low profile, but he’s creating some really fantastic versions of Louisiana classics at Biscotti’s.

Biscotti’s is run by Mike and Carrie Lewis. Mike, who completed culinary school at Bossier Parish Community College, has always wanted to cook professionally. He’s a detail-oriented guy, which is what makes his version of shrimp and grits so outstanding; the dish incorporates andouille sausage made locally at Maxwell’s Market as well as War Eagle Mills grits out of Arkansas, smoked Gouda cheese and big, plump Gulf shrimp. The end product is a profoundly rich and indulgent dish that, honestly, knocked my socks off. Normally priced at $12, Biscotti’s shrimp and grits will be $10 during 318 Restaurant Week.

They also serve some pretty killer po’ boys. The shrimp po’ boy, which normally sells for $14, will be available for only $10 during 318 Restaurant Week. For my money, the roast beef is one of Shreveport-Bossier’s best po’ boys. Though it makes for a messy beast of a sandwich, the roast beef generously piled onto the buttered-and-crisped, fully dressed Gambino’s loaf is as tender and flavorful as any roast beef in town.

Whatever else you choose to order at Biscotti’s, take my advice: Eat dessert here. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen old-school chess pies, amaretto cakes and coconut layer cakes like these. A self-taught baker, Lewis says that loyal Lewis’ customers have given him family recipes for many of his most popular Southern desserts over the years. I believe him. If this isn’t the outright best cake and pie in Shreveport, it’s in the top three.

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A photo of a cake
A team member at Biscotti’s shows off a strawberry layer cake made by Mike Lewis.


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