Wanted: Victims for Wing Taxi’s Snake Venom Combo Challenge

Featured Photo: The brown sugar honey barbecue wings at Wing Taxi are a personal favorite. 

How hot is the snake venom sauce at Wing Taxi in Shreveport? I asked Richard Washington, owner of the restaurant located at 5769 South Lakeshore in Shreveport.

“It’s the world’s hottest,” Washington said. “The Devil asked for a 10-piece snake venom wings and he gave 9 wings back.”

A photo of chicken wings
It looks harmless enough: A snake venom wing from Wing Taxi in Shreveport.

That’s pretty hot. I’ve personally eaten these wings, and I can confirm that they are the spiciest food served by a restaurant that I’ve ever encountered in Shreveport-Bossier. They make Nashville hot chicken look as bland as mashed potatoes; fiery Thai cuisine comes close, but still fails to match the deep, lasting heat of an order of snake venom wings. During 318 Restaurant Week, Christopher Louis Wilson and I will host Wing Taxi’s Snake Venom Combo Challenge on Thursday, March 15. During the event, anyone crazy enough to sign up will be asked to eat a mini po’boy, three wings, a chicken tender and an order of fries served with variations of the snake venom sauce. The last person standing will win $200 and a custom sauce-eating trophy sponsored by Advance Awards and Gifts.

In an homage to the popular Hot Ones video series (warning: some strong language in those videos) on Youtube, emcee and host Christopher Louis Wilson will provide comic relief while the competitors sweat it out. This may be the wildest, most unpredictable 318 Restaurant Week event yet – we have no idea what will happen. Cost is $20 to compete and includes all of the food items listed above. If you’d like to come spectate and enjoy some wings, po’ boys, tenders and more (in any flavor!) while the competitors suffer, you absolutely should.

To register for the competition, contact Ian Summers at iansum51987@gmail.com. Upon arrival at the event, you’ll be asked to sign a participation waiver and pay the $20 entry fee.

If you’d like to take part in a snake venom wing tasting, check out the ACE Shreveport post below to learn how you can taste the wings with the team from The Shreveport Times on Friday, March 2. Just don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

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