The Taco King Cake is Back to Break the Internet Again

Photo Note: This photo was downloaded from the El Bazar Mexicano #2 Facebook page.

20× has a long-standing love affair with El Bazar Mexicano #2, a taqueria located at 2847 Summer Grove Drive in Shreveport. We profiled the Mexican eatery for its outstanding pupusas back in 2017, and were amazed by the viral success of the taqueria’s “taco king cake” created for an online promotion during Carnival season. Well, the taco king cake giveaway is back for 2018…and it’s bigger and better than 2017.

To cut right to the chase and enter the giveaway (the drawing will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 31 – so hurry!), view the original Facebook post and follow their giveaway rules. You can also order your own taco king cake by calling the restaurant at 318-688-6975.

I chatted via Facebook message with Julian Gutierrez, the friendly owner of El Bazar Mexicano #2, about taco king cake 2.0.

A photo of Julian Gutierrez
Julian Gutierrez and his wife, Kathy, created the taco king cake at El Bazar Mexicano #2. Photo by Shannon Palmer.

“Last year, the king cake was more of an afterthought, we just threw it together very quickly and posted it on social media,” Gutierrez said. “This past year, around November or December, I told my wife ‘We gotta do the king cake in a way that respects and embodies Mardi Gras…bold, full of flavor and over the top.'”

This year’s taco “king cake” is a behemoth: 25 tacos made with meats including bistek, al pastor, carnitas and chicken fajita and topped with onions, cilantro, pico, avocado, guacamole, corn in a cup (elotes), guacamole chips, two salsas and more.

The taco king cake isn’t just a Frankenstein’s monster of different taco ingredients shaped like a king cake. Every taco that makes up the king cake had thought put into it, like the pork carnitas and pickled purple onion tacos that make up the purple “rings” of the cake. El Bazar Mexicano #2 also provides Mardi Gras decorations for customers who order the taco king cake.

“We wanted everyone to discover the wonderful flavors of Mexican street food, so we wandered into the unknown, with hopes of making a bridge between our cultures and building a better community,” Gutierrez said.

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