Talking Party Philosophy with Justin Mooty of CTRL ALT

In Facebook posts, software developer Justin Mooty describes CTRL ALT as “a monthly alternative dance party.” In person, he talks about CTRL ALT like it’s more of an umbrella for hosting events that celebrate the fringes of Shreveport-Bossier’s arts community, whether through dance, music, video art, hip-hop or the culinary arts. The next CTRL ALT party, a Mardi Gras party with guest DJs Quickie Mart and Shanook of New Orleans, will be held at Bear’s on Fairfield on Friday, Jan. 26. Like the CTRL ALT Facebook page to keep up with future party announcements.

“We want to create an environment where the music’s just a part of it,” Mooty says.

A flyer for an event
A flyer for the CTRL ALT party in Shreveport on Friday, Jan. 26 in Shreveport.

For the Jan. 26 show, CTRL ALT is bringing in Alexandria, La.-based rapper Bars McGinley as well as the headliner DJ sets from Quickie Mart and Shanook. There’ll also be music from resident DJs moot and Jaarzn as well as food from Smokin’ Bowls Stir Fry (20× profiled this ridiculously named and delicious pop-up last year), visual art by Ty Breaker and graphic design by Nate Treme. The party starts at 10 p.m. Admission is $10 or free if you’re dressed festively. Here’s the official Facebook event for more info.

Shreveport has always had an underground fringe music community, whether that meant raves, ambient electronic shows at Minicine? or the extreme metal acts that seem to pop up in unexpected venues around town (anyone who’s ever been to a really heavy show at the tiny Tiki Bar will back me up on this, if they survived). The CTRL ALT group seems to be picking up that torch of outsider music, with a focus – for the time being – on dance music that falls outside of the mainstream. For the Jan. 26 Mardi Gras event, the Facebook event says that guests should expect to hear “bounce, juke, footwerk and grime” musical genres. I only know what two of those genres are – and that’s a good thing.

“The good thing about CTRL ALT is that people don’t have preset expectations, so we can do anything we want,” Mooty says. “If you’re curious about what we’re doing, and you’re open-minded, you should come.”

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