Menu Explorer: Bánh mì Sandwiches at Pho L’amour

If there’s anything that beats a good bánh mì sandwich – the popular Vietnamese sandwich that consists of grilled pork, chicken, Vietnamese ham and a ton of veggies – it’s two bánh mì sandwiches for the price of one. At Pho L’amour, a Vietnamese eatery located at 530 East Kings Highway in Shreveport, every bánh mì order comes with two sandwiches for $6.95. Making the deal even sweeter is the fact that this is one of the best sandwiches, at any price point, in Shreveport-Bossier.


A photo of sandwiches
Bahn mi sandwiches from Pho L’amour in Shreveport.

Lots of places that serve bánh mì serve up one large sandwich on a 10″ roll. But, like New Orleans’s famous Dong Phuong Bakery, Pho L’amour packs the deliciousness into two smaller, pistollette-sized rolls. In fact, these rolls are so much like those produced by the Dong Phuong folks, I would not be surprised to learn that they are those rolls. Each crisp, airy roll is stuffed with grilled meats, shredded pickled vegetables, lettuce, cilantro and sliced jalapeño peppers. My go-to order is the combination with everything (#F5 on the menu), which comes stuffed with all of the meats and veggies that go into the half-dozen or so bánh mì variations served at Pho L’amour. If you’re a fan of Vietnamese flavors and haven’t tried this dish, it’s worth venturing beyond the rice platters and pho.

While we’re singing Pho L’amour’s praises, it merits mentioning that, at any given time, one or two of their boba tea flavors is prepared using real fruit and not powdered flavorings. If you’re a boba tea fan, ask your server what real fruit bobas are available at the moment for a sweet and healthy-ish finish to your meal.

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A photo of sandwiches
Another view of the bahn mi sandwiches from Pho L’amour in Shreveport, Louisiana.



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