We Should All Be Eating Stuffed Waffles at Bon Temps Coffee Bar

If Bon Temps Coffee Bar were located in Brooklyn, there’d be a line long enough to have its own Snapchat filter each morning. Lucky for us, Bon Temps is located in downtown Shreveport’s Red River District, and there’s no line standing between you and what may be your new breakfast obsession: stuffed waffles.

Local lifestyle blogger Jada Durden, of the Loving This Life blog, recently wrote about the waffle menu at Bon Temps Coffee Bar. I refer to it as a “waffle menu” because that’s the entire menu: waffle sandwiches ($5), stuffed waffles ($4), waffle breakfast plates ($6.50) and dessert waffles ($3.50), served 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m. My stuffed waffle was served hot out of the waffle iron, with crisp edges and a bacon, egg and cheese core. Perfectly self-contained, it’d make for a way-above-average walking breakfast, as you can tear off a quarter of the waffle and eat it like a slice of pizza without fear of losing any of the good stuff contained within. Order food at Bon Temps and you’ll receive a discount on drinks; my stuffed waffle and medium coffee amounted to a grand total of $5.50.

A photo of a waffle
Is your current waffle stuffed with bacon and eggs, like this one from Bon Temps Coffee Bar? If not, you’re missing out.

Average waffles do not exist – they can only be depressing (you’ve seen these waffles, the flat kind with the shallow grid of “syrup holders” and no personality, usually served at room temperature and thus, sadly, un-butter-able) or awesome (you know these waffles when you see them). Over the last few years, the Shreveport-Bossier restaurant community has gained some very good waffles, mostly served as a component of chicken and waffles at places like Abby Singer’s Bistro and Crescent City Bistro. It can be kind of hard to find an awesome waffle for breakfast – much less an awesome waffle stuffed with breakfast.

Whether you’re a waffle fanatic like me or just a downtown breakfast-seeker who’s burnt out on biscuits and burritos, consider giving Bon Temps Coffee Bar a try.

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A photo of a stuffed waffle
The thing about a stuffed waffle is that it just looks like a waffle. Don’t be fooled – this one’s stuffed with bacon, eggs and cheese.



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