The Muffuletta’s The Thing at Trailer Hash

The muffuletta is an unforgiving sandwich. Unlike, say, a cheeseburger, a bad muffuletta can be downright depressing in its badness. Even a bad cheeseburger is still a cheeseburger, but a bad muffuletta? With the opening of Trailer Hash, a new food truck based in Shreveport, there’s a new, genuinely outstanding muffuletta in town. Trailer Hash has a growing reputation for its roast beef po’ boy, listed on the menu as “The BUFF” (the trailer even reads “Home of The BUFF”), but for me, the muffuletta was the thing.

A photo of a sandwich
The muffuletta from Trailer Hash, a new food truck in Shreveport. Once again, I have photographed a beautiful sandwich upside-down.

Trailer Hash is the project of Shawn Day, who retired from medical sales after 30 years so that he could wear flip-flops and shorts instead of suits. His custom-built, bright orange trailer has been staging outside of John Pickens Custom Clothiers LLC recently and has begun to show up at festivals and breweries. The menu is all Louisiana classics: po’ boys, crawfish etouffee, muffalettas and red beans. On the day that I caught up with Trailer Hash, the roast beef was okay but the muffaletta was one of the best sandwiches I’ve eaten all year. And yes, I ate both sandwiches for lunch. It had been that kind of week.

What makes this muffaletta better than others? The ingredients. Day says the olive mix is homemade and I believe him; it’s got more character and flavor than most. The bread is a toasted Leidenheimer bun. There’s Italian salami and cappocollo ham with high-quality provolone and mozzarella cheeses.

A quarter muffaletta is $8 and an entire sandwich is $20. The full sandwich would feed four. For some reason, I went into my first Trailer Hash experience with pretty serious doubts. But what you have here is a fantastic sandwich.

One word of advice: Eat this sandwich while it’s hot. It’s served wrapped in foil in an attempt to lock some heat in on the drive home, but I’m just going to encourage you to skip the drive home. Eat on your trunk, tailgate or the sidewalk. Like a great taco or a slice of bacon, this sandwich is a whole lot better if you get to it while it’s hot.

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