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In what may be the least-expected restaurant opening of 2017 to date, A Taste of Vienna (3325 Industrial Drive, Bossier City) recently opened in the space that formerly housed Sabores Dominican Restaurant. Fans of the recently closed bar Maurice’s will be delighted to know that this restaurant is the domain of Trudy, the matriarch, bartender and sometime cook at Maurice’s, who would frequently prepare traditional Hungarian, German and Austrian cuisine for bar patrons to enjoy while drinking.

A photo of cheesecake
As it turns out, cheese kuchen is cheesecake, and it’s pretty good!

To say that A Taste of Vienna has an authentic menu would be understating the matter. Sure, there’s wiener schnitzel, which Ms. Trudy describes as the house specialty. You may have encountered wiener schnitzel on a local menu or two, but how about sauerbraten with rot kraut (a German-style beef dish with red cabbage), paprika chicken nudel (a Hungarian-style chicken with noodles), beef rouladen (flavorful beef roulades served with red cabbage) or ungarisches gulasch (a Hungarian beef dish)? All entrees are $12.95. I had an appetizer of asparagus in aspic ($4.00), which combined the refreshing flavor of asparagus with the bite of horseradish, and the paprika chicken nudel dinner. There are a couple of dessert options, including a chocolate crepe and an Austrian-style cheesecake.

If you’re not feeling up to exploring the cuisine of Eastern Europe, there are also very affordable lunch specials ($6.50) served 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday through Friday. At the time of this blog post (August 2017) the restaurant is still very new. Signage appears temporary, a liquor license is in the works, and the hours posted on the door are followed by a question mark. You may want to call the restaurant at (318) 742-2930 before visiting.

For diners who are curious to sample the cuisines of the world, A Taste of Vienna can be a lot of fun. Trudy’s hospitality is warm and welcoming and the menu is small enough that a party of five or six diners could try a little bit of everything and eat their way through much of Eastern Europe.

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