Love Tacos? Get to Taqueria San Miguel in Bossier City

If I were asked to summarize recent changes in Shreveport-Bossier’s restaurant scene using just one word, that word would be “tacos.” Over the course of the last five to eight years, locals have fallen in love with tacos of every imaginable kind: the al pastor tacos at Taqueria La Michoacana have garnered a cult following, while farmers’ market taco stands Ki’ Mexico and El Cabo Verde have grown into acclaimed brick-and-mortar restaurants. There are Nashville-style hot chicken “taceauxs” at Parish Taceaux, outstanding brisket tacos at Real BBQ & More and 13 varieties of Mexican street tacos at Los Potrillos Taqueria.

If you’re among the taco-obsessed diners of Shreveport-Bossier, I encourage you to add Taqueria San Miguel (4100 Barksdale Boulevard, Suite 119, Bossier City) to your list of Taco Tuesday stops. The small, welcoming strip mall eatery serves nine varieties of “tacos Mexicanos” as well as an extensive list of popular Mexican and Tex-Mex options. Among the nine varieties of Mexican-style tacos served at Taqueria San Miguel, I would direct your attention to one in particular: the tacos campechanos are phenomenal. An incredibly flavorful mix of crispy chorizo sausage and tender carne asada is served atop caramelized grilled onions, then finished off with cilantro and raw onion. Best devoured while still piping hot from the plancha, this combination taco is currently my favorite in the city.

If you’re feeling adventurous, there are lot of other interesting things on the menu here that don’t turn up too often. I enjoyed a guarache, which is a long, grilled masa corn cake (like a sope) topped with grilled meat, refried beans, queso fresco, iceberg lettuce and sour cream. Guarache translates to something like “sandal” or “beach shoe” in English, and these filling treats are about the size of a shoe – probably a men’s size 7 or 8. Lined up along the counter are five or six varieties of colorful Mexican drinks including Jamaica, horchata and more.

All in all, Taqueria San Miquel offers a fun menu that I hope to be able to enjoy more of – if I can bring myself to stop ordering tacos campechanos. Which is doubtful.

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