Wing Taxi: A Fiercely Independent Wing Joint Where Anything Goes

Author’s note: This post is highly indebted to the blog From the Desk of Mr. Coach Wilson, who has written about his love of Wing Taxi in the past.

Let’s get this out of the way as quickly as possible: There’s nothing fancy about Wing Taxi. The locally owned Shreveport wing joint is currently located at 5769 South Lakeshore Drive in Shreveport. It is a no-frills eatery that does just a few things, but does them incredibly well. Above all else, they dream up fantastic sauces and toss piping hot fried chicken wings in them. You can get a po’ boy at Wing Taxi – and you should, eventually – but get acquainted with the wings first. A two-flavor, 15-piece order of wings will set you back $12.98.

A photo of chicken wings
An order of wings from Wing Taxi including brown sugar honey barbecue and Cajun ranch lemon pepper garlic Parmesan.

On the day of my recent visit, there were 32 wing flavors to choose from, including flavors that I would categorize as “standard” (lemon pepper, garlic Parmesan), “okay, that’s interesting” (Cajun Teriyaki, curry) and “I love Shreveport” (Snake venom, sour cream and onion, and the incredible Cajun ranch lemon pepper garlic Parmesan). The snake venom wings, by the way, are one of the only “challenge foods” that I am aware of in Shreveport – they are so hot that Wing Taxi’s owner occasionally hosts contests in which brave diners attempt to eat a complete order. Watch their Facebook page for news about snake venom wing-eating contests.
Wing Taxi has existed in some form for two decades. The restaurant has moved around the city a lot, with some locations surviving longer than others. Over the years, they’ve built a cult following – folks who understand the unique kind of satisfaction that can only be derived from 10 or more sour cream and onion-flavored wings enjoyed at 11 p.m. And Wing Taxi rewards the dedication of its fan base with specials like all-you-can-eat wings on Sundays for $10.99 (a promotion that is – like the phrase “Cajun ranch lemon pepper garlic Parmesan” – completely bonkers).

If you love chicken wings, Wing Taxi is a must-visit.

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