Get a Free Geauxsicles Ice Pop at the Ark-La-Tex Music Heritage Festival!

Featured photo: Geauxsicles is a gourmet ice pop truck serving Shreveport, Louisiana. Photo by Chris Jay for the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau. 

It’s hot out there, folks. And if there’s anything that makes the heat of August a little more bearable, it’s a free gourmet ice pop from Shreveport’s own Geauxsicles. Recently, the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau (publishers of this blog) worked with Erin from Geauxsicles to provide her cool, creative treats to a huge conference and we ordered too many pops. Our slight miscalculation means good news for 20× readers this weekend, Aug. 26-27, 2016. If you visit the Ark-La-Tex Music Heritage Festival in the Red River District in downtown Shreveport this weekend, just find the Geauxsicles truck (it’s not hard to spot – it’s purple with a spinning ice pop on top) and mention 20× to receive a free Geauxsicle while supplies last! Limit one free pop per person. Geauxsicles will be attending the festival on Friday, Aug. 26 and Saturday, Aug. 27.  

The Ark-La-Tex Music Heritage Festival is a free, weekend-long live music event featuring over 50 bands. If you’re on the fence about checking out the festival, maybe a free pop from Geauxsicles will be the deciding factor! I’ve included the music festival’s schedule below, and there’s lots more info on their Facebook page.

A promotional graphic
The live music schedule for the Ark-La-Tex Music Heritage Festival in Shreveport.



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