Does This Shop Sell The Most Creative Drive-Thru Daiquiris in Louisiana?

Where credit is due: This post is indebted to blogger Jada Durden of the excellent Loving This Life! blog, who first brought Alky Therapy to our attention. Follow Jada’s blog or Instagram for more great tips on things to eat, drink and enjoy around Shreveport-Bossier.

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to pass up Alky Therapy, a drive-through daiquiri joint located at 4312 Greenwood Road in Shreveport. But this nondescript building houses what may be the most unique drive-through daiquiri shop in Louisiana. As anyone who follows their Instagram account knows, Alky Therapy drinks are wild, ornately decorated creations that are so labor-intensive that owner Katina Gosey asks customers to call-in orders in advance.

A photo of a daiquiri
“Finding Dory,” a limited-edition frozen daiquiri from Alky Therapy in Shreveport, is topped with an ornate array of candies, tapioca pearls and more.

Drinks come topped with fresh fruit, candy, flavored tapioca pearls, chocolate-covered strawberries and all sorts of other things. Even the vessel is part of the show: 18-ounce plastic mason jars, with a prescription-style label attached, are served inside of the regular styrofoam cup that drive-through patrons are accustomed to. Extra shots are served in tiny medicine bottles. In addition to frozen daiquiris, the business advertises “vodka gummies,” “poptails” and “drunken sno-cones.”  

“I know it sounds weird, but I have a degree in biology, and it actually really comes in handy here,” Gosey told me. “I’ve come up with a way to make these drinks where they taste just as good when they’ve melted a little as they do when they’re frozen. They don’t look as good, but they taste as good.”

Gosey, a 34-year-old Shreveport native and a graduate of Southwood High School and Dillard University with a master’s degree in business, opened the shop in early 2015. Her unique daiquiris quickly developed a cult fanbase that loves to share images of their drinks on Instagram and Facebook.

“Everyone else in the city has buy-one-get-one-free, and I just didn’t want to compete with that. I wanted our drinks to be unique, because just about everything I do is unique,” Gosey said. 

Visit the Alky Therapy website to view their complete, mind-blowing menu. 

Please celebrate responsibly and please don’t drink and drive. Remember that it is illegal (and irresponsible) to enjoy a drive-through daiquiri until you’re no longer in your vehicle.

Prince daiquiri
You guessed it: This daiquiri from Alky Therapy paid tribute to music icon Prince. It regularly sold out during its one month of availability. Image used courtesy of 


A photo of a daiquiri
Easily the most insane frozen daiquiri I’ve ever seen, the limited-edition banana pudding daiquiri from Alky Therapy was served in March 2016. Image used courtesy of

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