Photos From the First Seasons & Traditions Dinner at Mahaffey Farms

Featured photo: Chef Hardette Harris and Evan McCommon introduce the first Seasons & Traditions dinner at Mahaffey Farms. 

On Sunday, March 20, 2016, Chef Hardette Harris of Us Up North Food Tours, Tastings and Demonstrations and farmer Evan McCommon of Mahaffey Farms held the first in a series of collaborative farm-to-table dinners called Seasons & Traditions. This dinner series, which takes place on the beautiful grounds of Mahaffey Farms, features seasonal meals prepared using only ingredients sourced from the farm. During the events, guests are treated to an interactive cooking demonstration, an informative farm tour and, of course, a family-style meal prepared by Harris.

A photo of a hog
A hog roots around in a pasture at Mahaffey Farms during the first Seasons & Traditions collaborative dinner event.

If the sold-out first installment of this event was any indicator, there are great things to come from this unique and timely collaboration between chef and farmer. The food was outstanding, the tour and demonstration were fun and educational, and the experience was affordably priced at $30 for a seated meal and several hours’ worth of entertainment. The best way to keep up with news from this event series is by liking their event series on Facebook. I’ve been told that at least four installments of this dinner series are planned.

It occurred to me that not only are these events great for grown-up food lovers, but they’d also be good for parents to share with kids. Visiting a house full of chickens and then eating delicious deviled eggs or visiting a huge group of hogs rooting around in a pasture before sitting down to eat a delicious smoked ham, the event provides lots of examples that demonstrate the importance of knowing where our food comes from.

Check out a few of our favorite photos from the event on Flickr or flip through the embedded photos below:  

The Seasons & Traditions Dinner Series

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