The Scone Remains The Same: Glenwood Tearoom Under New Ownership

Featured photo: A chocolate chip scone from The Glenwood Village and Tearoom. 

Jarred and Kera Hamilton, the new owners of The Glenwood Village and Tearoom at 3310 Line Avenue in Shreveport, are in a really unique position as new business owners. They’re assuming control of a business that, having been open for 25 years, already has a dedicated following and a very defined audience. So, they’ve got to be careful not to rock the boat too much. However, it’s also clear that they’re excited to be business owners and ready to introduce some new aspects to the Shreveport landmark.

Among those new aspects? Special, limited-time scone flavors (a Mardi Gras-inspired king cake scone will launch on Tuesday, Jan. 12) and an “office menu” with delivery to businesses within a 15-mile radius stood out as exciting developments.

A photo of the Hamilton family
Kera and Jarred Hamilton, new owners of The Glenwood Village and Tearoom. Photos: Chris Jay/Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

The Hamiltons could really only do one thing wrong, here: If they changed the scones, the residents of Shreveport’s South Highlands neighborhood would likely march on Glenwood Tearoom with pitchforks and torches. Those scones are a part of the DNA of the neighborhood, at this point. They’re a Shreveport institution. On top of that, they are profoundly, ridiculously good. 

If you’ve never eaten a scone at The Glenwood Village and Tearoom, for whatever reason (maybe you didn’t know what, exactly, a tearoom was – I didn’t – or you didn’t feel comfortable stopping in to dine at a place best known for ladies’ lunches), I encourage you to do so. Order a warm buttermilk scone with fresh lemon cream or a chocolate chip scone with Devonshire cream made that morning and experience one of the most satisfying treats in the city. It’s a pleasure that everyone should know at least once, regardless of their background. Scones cost $4 each. Reservations are recommended if you’d like to dine-in during lunch. 

Get Jarred and Kera talking about why they purchased the restaurant and gift shop, and it’s easy to see how much they care about the place and the people it has served in the past – and will serve in the future.

“Every person that we talk to about this place has a story,” Jarred said. “They have great, vivid memories of time spent here with loved ones.”

“The customers are the reason that we had to do this,” Kera added. 

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