A Tour of Mahaffey Farms in Five Photos

Located just east of Haughton along Highway 80 in Bossier Parish, Mahaffey Farms is a family farm that dates back to 1927, when the land was originally purchased for farming by H.H. Mahaffey (more on the fascinating history of the farm here). Today, Mahaffey Farms is a cornerstone of the local farm-to-table movement and a popular vendor of pasture-raised meats and chemical-free produce.

As more local restaurants and food vendors have begun to source ingredients from Mahaffey Farms (their pork products, for example, are served by numerous local restaurants, caterers and mobile food vendors), the farm has also drawn national media attention. Their farm stand, which is open on Saturdays when the Shreveport Farmers’ Market is closed, was recently listed as one of “America’s 50 Best Farm Stands” by Organic Life magazine. That farm stand is open for the next two Saturdays – October 10 & 17, 2015 – and if you’ve never visited the farm, this is a great opportunity to do so.

One of the perks of visiting the Mahaffey Farms farm stand (aside from purchasing fresh meat and produce directly from the farmer) is the joy of walking around the farm, seeing how it all works first-hand. In keeping with their philosophy of transparency, the Mahaffey Farms team are happy to show visitors around, when time allows. On a recent visit to the farm stand, I was lucky enough to fall in with a tour led by farmer Evan McCommon, whose family owns and operates Mahaffey Farms. I thought that I’d share photos that I snapped along the way – I hop you’ll enjoy them, and go visit this beautiful farm for yourself.

A photo of pigs
Pigs root around in the pasture at Mahaffey Farms. These pigs will grow to weigh nearly 300 pounds.
A photo of cows
Cattle stand in the shade at Mahaffey Farms. Grass-fed beef, like that raised at Mahaffey Farms, takes three years to raise.
A photo of a sleepy dog
Everyone on my tour had to stop and greet the farm dog, who wasn’t exactly the vicious type.
A photo of a chicken
A baby chick is held by a visitor at Mahaffey Farms.
A photo of a pig
A young pig checks out an annoying photographer at Mahaffey Farms in Bossier Parish.

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