The Renzi Center’s Jazz and Blues Brunch is a fun way to give back

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There are many worthwhile causes to support in Shreveport-Bossier, and one of my favorites is The Renzi Education and Art Center. This innovative center in Shreveport’s Highland neighborhood offers a free after school program during the school year, as well as a free, three week-long Summer Arts Camp each June. The program is available for free to all children in the Shreveport-Bossier area, but serves mostly kids in the Highland neighborhood. In other words, Renzi is located in area where they can reach out to kids that are in the most need. I know first-hand how amazing it is to work and play with the children in attendance; they are smart, creative and ready to learn new things.

My own sons, Michael and Sammy, both attended The Renzi Center for several years, and I have taught and volunteered in classes. The artistic appreciation that my sons learned there, as well as the experience of socializing with a diverse group of kids and caring adults, contributed greatly to the well-rounded and accepting personalities that Michael and Sammy possess today.

A photo of a sign
Signage thanks sponsors of The Renzi Center’s annual Jazz & Blues Brunch fundraiser in Shreveport.

Recently, my boys got to give back some of that talent that The Renzi Center helped to encourage and support. The annual Renzi Jazz & Blues Brunch Fundraiser was held at The Shop on Southern Avenue in Shreveport, and my sons were part of the first act that entertained, The Church for the Highlands Original Dixieland Jazz Band. There were also performances by local jazz and blues greats, including Buddy Flett and AJ Haynes. Food and drinks were provided by Marilynn’s Place, Rhino Coffee and Great Raft Brewing. Events like this, as well as donations and volunteers, allow The Renzi Center to grow and become more of a presence in the lives of children in the Highland neighborhood, as well as all over the Shreveport-Bossier area.

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