Defenders of Liberty Mud Run Returns to Barksdale Air Force Base on Saturday, March 7

Photo Note: Photos for this post were provided by event organizers.

As a beginning runner who is definitely still in the early stages of becoming a fearless runner, it kind of sounds like madness to me: four miles of rough terrain and trails, more than 15 “military style” obstacles – and it all takes place in an area called “the Warrior Training Center” on the grounds of Barksdale Air Force Base’s East Reservation. Something tells me that the Defenders of Liberty Mud Run, 11 a.m.-10 p.m, Saturday, March 7 (more info and registration here), would reduce me to a blubbering, wobbly-legged mess, but there are folks out there who thrive on this kind of challenge.

A photo from the Barksdale Mud Run
A participant in the Defenders of Liberty Barksdale Mud Run demonstrates what blog author Chris Jay would look like attempting to cross this obstacle. Photo provided by event organizers.

The Defenders of Liberty Mud Run benefits a great cause, helping to raise morale and recreation funds for Barksdale Air Force Base. As event promoter Teresa Gates told me: “The proceeds from this event will go to enhance the lives of our Barksdale families. Also, race-ruined shoes can be left behind and we will donate them.” When a race collects destroyed shoes at the end of the course, you know it’s serious.

While this race will definitely challenge tougher runners, there are also non-competitive race waves and there’s even a one-mile “Kids Run” with age-appropriate obstacles. And, if you can’t tackle a particular obstacle, you can always run around it. One of the more unusual aspects of the Defenders of Liberty Mud Run is that runners can also choose to participate in a “night wave,” running the course by headlamp. At the end of the night wave, there’ll be a bonfire party. Registration fees are $55-$75 (kids are $30) and you can register here.

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