Photo Essay: Real BBQ and More in Shreveport

Photo Note: All photos in this post are by Jim Noetzel.

20× recently visited Real BBQ and More, a Shreveport barbecue joint run by owner and pitmaster Harvey Clay. As we have previously reported on this blog, Clay, who is a native of Midland, Tx., is obsessive about barbecue. Clay agreed to let us film and photograph him at work, and sat down and spoke with us for a while about his “slow and low” style of cooking. Look for a short video chronicling our visit soon over at the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau’s Youtube channel. In the meantime, enjoy this brief photo essay featuring beautiful images by photographer Jim Noetzel.

A photo of Harvey Clay
Real BBQ and More owner and pitmaster Harvey Clay. “I’ve been cooking for 44 years,” Clay told 20× “I started cooking when I was away at college, because they didn’t have any barbecue in Madison, Wisconsin.”
A photo of Real BBQ & More
Wood burns in the smoker box at Real BBQ and More. “We use pecan wood, a little oak and, when we can get it, we use a little bit of hickory. Not a lot of hickory, but a little. We cook slow, slow, slow with a lot of smoke.”
A photo of Harvey Clay
Harvey Clay checks the progress of several racks of ribs at Real BBQ and More in Shreveport.
A photo of brisket
Harvey Clay slices a brisket that has been smoked for 12-14 hours at around 200 degrees. “If my grill gets to 250 degrees, I’m probably going to put some cold water on it, because I don’t want it to do that. I want it to be slow. I cook like I walk, and that’s slow.”
Another photo of brisket
A slice of brisket on Harvey Clay’s cleaver at Real BBQ and More in Shreveport.
A photo of sausage being sliced
Sausage is sliced at Real BBQ and More in Shreveport. “Our sausage is a proprietary product, which is made from brisket. We send the seasonings out to West Texas, where they grind the brisket into a sausage link,” Clay said. “The reason that we make brisket sausage is because I don’t like the junk that goes into commercial sausage. Some people do, but that’s not what we serve here.”

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