Lilah’s Bakery Re-Opens at New Highland Address

Lilah’s Bakery, a mom-and-pop bakery and sandwich shop that has previously done business at locations in Shreveport’s Highland neighborhood as well as at the Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets, has re-opened at a new Highland address. The bakery is now located at 1718 Centenary Boulevard and is serving lunch daily. Their current daily menu features hot sandwiches, soups, salads and cold sandwiches as well as cupcakes and other baked goods. Follow the bakery on Facebook to keep up with current menu offerings. 

A photo of Lilah's Bakery
A mural advertising king cakes decorates the side of the new location of Lilah’s Bakery in Highland.

Businesses like Lilah’s are among the most easily identified examples of the economic force that is Carnival season: the first year they sold king cakes, Lilah’s Bakery sold about 300 cakes. In 2014 – just a few years later – they sold something like  9,000 king cakes. For the 2015 season, king cake availability at Lilah’s Bakery begins on Jan. 6, but king cakes may be ordered year-round with 48 hours notice. Here’s more info, including a list of flavors (note that, in 2014, they began offering gluten-free options).

As for me, I’m just glad to see more businesses (and especially eateries) going into one of Shreveport-Bossier’s most diverse and interesting neighborhoods. If you share that sentiment, why not stop by and welcome these folks back to Highland by having a sandwich or a cupcake?    


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