Frank’s Pizza Napoletana’s New Seasonal Pizza May Be Their Best Yet

Featured photo: The Autunno E Inverno, a new seasonal pizza from Frank’s Pizza Napoletana.

Frank’s Pizza Napoletana, the Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant at 6950 Fern Avenue in Shreveport, has released a new menu for Fall 2014, including a handful of really wonderful-sounding new items like a citrus, goat cheese and field greens salad and their panini-style take on a Cuban sandwich. I’ve only tried one of the new menu items, however: a new pizza called Autunno E Inverno (Italian for “Autumn and Winter”). While I sincerely try to avoid using words like “favorite,” this pizza is my favorite thing that Frank’s Pizza Napoletana has ever served.

The Autunno E Inverno is a white pizza (meaning that it’s sauced with cream and ricotta, not tomato sauce) and topped with braised pork shoulder, roasted butternut squash, goat cheese, caramelized onions, chopped fresh garlic, pancetta, pecans and local honey. This pizza is so full of surprisingly delicious flavor combinations (pork shoulder and pecans, for example, or butternut squash and goat cheese) that I’ve been raving about it since my first bite. I don’t even attempt to disguise the fact that I am an outright fan of a few things at Frank’s – their seafood specials can be inspired and fantastic, and their oysters are some of the best in town – but the Autunno E Inverno just flat-out delivers on the artful pizza front. 

A photo of Frank Harris IV
Jay Ducote of Bite & Booze, a Baton Rouge-based podcast and radio show, interviews Frank Harris IV of Frank’s Pizza Napoletana.

I stopped by Frank’s Pizza Napoletana to have lunch and tape a podcast episode with the crew from Baton Rouge-based podcast and radio show Bite & Booze. That episode will air in mid-December of 2014, and we’ll post a link to the episode here when it goes live. During the episode, podcast host and chef Jay Ducote interviewed Frank Harris from Frank’s Pizza Napoletana as well as Jason Brady of Wine Country Bistro. They had lots of interesting things to say about Shreveport-Bossier’s food scene.

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