Slow Food North Louisiana’s Fête on the Farm Returns on Sunday, Oct. 26

Photography Note: The beautiful images included in this post are courtesy of Jennifer Robison Photography. Thank you, Jennifer!

“Farm to table” is soooooo Summer 2014. It’s Fall now, and the hot new thing is actually taking your table to the farm. Slow Food North Louisiana‘s annual fundraiser dinner at Mahaffey Farms, Fête on the Farm, will do just that on Sunday, Oct. 26. The event will feature a delicious, honestly locally sourced meal prepared using ingredients sourced from Mahaffey Farms and cooked by Andrew Parsons’ Lagniappe Foods and Libby Patterson-Smith’s GoGreenly. Live music will be performed by Twang Darkly, there’ll be beer from Great Raft Brewing and the whole affair will take place under the stars. Tickets are $75 each (or $60 for Slow Food members) and sales end next Thursday, Oct. 23. Tickets can be purchased here. Please note: Tickets will not be sold at the door (well, there’s no “door” to the farm…the gate!).

This year’s Fête on the Farm menu will include two red wattle hogs, an uncommon heirloom breed of hog raised on the grounds of Mahaffey Farms, prepared whole hog-style. I asked Slow Food North Louisiana leader Angie White, via e-mail, to walk me through the rest of the menu. Her response was:

Fete on the Farm 2
Chef Andrew Parsons (front) will prepare two red wattle hogs raised by Evan McCommon (back) at Mahaffey Farms. In this case, “farm to table” will mean a journey of about 25 feet. PHOTO: Jennifer Robison Photography

“Lagniappe Foods will also be preparing some delicious hors d’oeuvres made from Mahaffey Farms pork and possibly chicken too.  Last year’s pork belly hors d’oeuvres was one of my favorites and crossing my fingers we’ll have it again this year.  GoGreenly will prepare the side dishes, which will be incorporating local ingredients and could allow someone to eat fully vegetarian if they so choose.  We haven’t heard what’s in store for dessert, but we know Chef Andrew Parsons of Lagniappe Foods is famous for his cakes featuring local seasonal ingredients, like his fig cake, so we expect something wonderful from him.  Great Raft Brewing will be a sponsor of the bar, featuring their popular brews Southern Drawl and Commotion. Wine Country Bistro will again assist us in pairing a perfect red and white to accompany the menu.”  

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