A Few Local Chefs Discuss Their “Unscene” Creations

Photo: Chef Hardette Harris, a private chef who’ll be cooking for Unscene’s “Food – Art – Film” event. Photo provided by Chef Harris.

This Friday, June 20, 15 local chefs will serve up some incredible-sounding creations at Shreveport Municipal Auditorium during Unscene’s “Food – Art – Film” event (FB invite link). Blogger Robert Trudeau rounded up the entire list of food items that’ll be served over at his fantastic Shreveportblog. Tickets to the massive meal, which will also incorporate original works of art created in a unique partnership between local artists and chefs, are $35 each and may be purchased here.  

I spoke to a few of the chefs involved in this unique dining experience about the stories behind what they’ll be serving on Friday night.

Chef Hardette Harris
Private Chef, Chef Services, Inc.

What She’s Serving: “A simple garden vegetable salad using as many garden vegetables as I can, with a fresh cilantro dressing made from parsley, cilantro and tomatoes. I want it to be as fresh, colorful and crisp as possible.”

On the Event: “It’s such an unusual event, especially for this area. It’s like the Cirque du Soleil of food art. There’s going to be a lot of eating going on.”

Andrew Parsons
Chef and Owner, Lagniappe Foods Shreveport (a catering company)

A photo of men grinding wheat
Chef Andrew Parsons and his employees grinding wheat for use in Friday night’s Unscene meal. Photo courtesy of Parsons’ Facebook page.

What He’s Serving: “We’re making loaves of homemade wheat bread using local wheat that we’ve winnowed and ground ourselves, and topping it with a pork liver pate’ made from Mahaffey Farms pork livers. We’re also using local butter, as well as lard, garlic and onions from Mahaffey Farms. That’ll be topped with a local fig and honey mixture and raw blue goat cheese from Haute Goat Creamery in Longview, Texas. The salt that I’m using came from Avery Island.”

More on that bread: “It took my two employees and me two entire days just to winnow and grind the wheat. I’m joking that I’m selling that bread for $75 a loaf.”

On the Event: “The artist that I’m paired with, Amanda Thurmon, is doing an incredible video and sculpture installation detailing how we put all of this together.”

Lisa Pliler Tike
Co-Owner, Lilah’s Bakery (Tike’s husband, T.K., will be cooking at the Unscene event)

What They’re Serving: “T.K. makes the best tres leches cake. It’s a recipe that he used while working for Carnival Cruise Lines. And we’re going to be topping it off with macerated berries – blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and maybe even raspberries.”

Read our review of the Lilah’s Bakery food truck here.

The best way to get details (and there are a LOT of details) on the Unscene “Food – Art – Film” event is via their Facebook event.

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