How You Can Help Sevendipity Café Launch Their Second Location

If you’ve eaten the occasional lunch in downtown Shreveport over the last two and and a half years, chances are good that you’re on a first-name basis with Scott and Liz of Sevendipity Café, located at 420 Marshall Street. We reviewed the mom-and-pop restaurant in 2011 and the Downtown Development Authority produced this moving short film about the café in 2013 (seriously, the video is great – it’s worth a watch). After successfully wooing breakfast and lunch crowds in downtown Shreveport, Sevendipity recently announced that they’d be opening a second location at 3030 Creswell Avenue in Shreveport’s Highland neighborhood – former location of Columbia Café and Stir Tapas.

Like every other restaurant opening in recorded history, the opening of Sevendipity Café’s Highland location has been delayed, and that’s caused a bit of a problem for Scott and Liz, who have already brought on staff for that location. So, as a “preview” of sorts (but, maybe more accurately, as a revenue generator to help cover those new team members), Scott and Liz have announced that they’ll be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at their downtown location this weekend, March 21-22. If you’d like to help this adorable couple out, they ask that you stop by for a meal this weekend. Watch their Facebook page for details on specials for both nights (Scott has already announced his bloody mary skirt steak with Irish potatoes for Friday night’s dinner special).

In the meantime, I sat down with the always-beatific Liz and Red Bull-chugging Scott to ask a few questions about the new location. Here’s what I learned.

20×49: What will be the hours for the new Highland location of Sevendipity?
Scott: Lunch and dinner, Tuesdays through Fridays, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays.

20×49: When will it open?
Scott: As soon as the middle of next week (referring to the week of March 23).

20×49: So, what’s gonna happen to the downtown location?
Scott: The theory is, we’re going to make it more of a sandwich shop. Quick and to-go stuff like salads, sandwiches, coffee, muffins and cronuts. It’s gonna be like Central Perk from Friends. We can tweak the downtown menu just a little bit and make it better for downtown. Some hot stuff, that was just never really very doable for that tiny kitchen, will be taken off of the downtown menu.

20×49: I need to clarify that you did just say “cronuts.”
Scott: I did say cronuts. (Blogger’s note: At this point, Liz takes out her phone and Google searches “cronuts.”)
20×49: I have literally been asked six times this week if there’s anywhere to get a dang cronut in this city.
Scott: Sevendipity Café in downtown Shreveport’s gonna have them.

20×49: Can you describe the menu of the new location?
Scott: We have huge ideas, but right now, we’re just focused on getting the first plate out. It’s gonna be Sevendipity. Sandwiches, salads and specials at the same price point as the downtown location.

20×49: Liz, what are you looking forward to about the second location?
Liz: I’m looking forward to getting to know new people, the folks in the neighborhood. I want everyone to be comfortable here, at any time of the day.

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