Food News Round-Up: Allen’s Grill, Cookhouse at CoHab and Wine and Swine

Holy cow, there’s a lot going on in Shreveport-Bossier’s food scene at the moment. Restaurants are opening and moving, pop-ups have come to town, and numerous food-related special events are on the horizon. In the spirit of including as many as possible, let’s cut right to the chase:

A photo of collard greens
The collard greens from Allen’s Grill, located at 729 Jordan Street in Shreveport, easily rank among the best in town.

1. Allen’s Grill has opened at 729 Jordan Street. Located on the first floor of the Motor Hotel (in the location briefly occupied by Goldenland Superior), Allen’s Grill is a soul food diner serving truly exceptional plate lunch specials and sides. On my most recent visit, I had some of the best fried fish that I’ve ever eaten in Shreveport-Bossier and a side of collard greens that were rich, smoky and clearly made from scratch.

If you’re going to give Allen’s Grill a chance to win you over, I’d recommend Monday (fried chicken), Tuesday (fried pork chops) or Friday (fried fish). For $8, the plate lunches are fantastic. I keep meaning to try some of the main menu items, but I’m not sure how I ever will. 

2. CookHouse at Cohab has launched their “Lunch Counter” pop-up series. One of my most highly-anticipated developments in the burgeoning local food scene, the Lunch Counter series debuted the week of January 12 with pop-up lunches from Some Like It Hot and Ki Mexico. A second wave of Lunch Counter events will be held, January 22-24, and the CookHouse at Cohab folks make it sound as though we can expect a steady stream of Lunch Counter pop-ups.

I love pop-up restaurants because they allow the public a chance to taste the work of cooks and restauranteurs who, while they may lack the resources to open a restaurant, are creating incredibly creative, delicious food. In doing so, we’re able to put a little wind into the sails of local entrepreneurs. The food’s usually pretty great, as well. 

3. Bohemian Pork, the BBQ-obsessed “alter ego” of Wine Country Bistro, have set the date for Wine & Swine 2014. The annual whole hog barbecue will take place on Sunday, April 13. During the event, which I’ve previously blogged about, members of the Bohemian Pork competitive barbecue team prepare and serve a variety of creative, interesting pork dishes. A variety of wines and Louisiana-brewed craft beers are poured, and presumably everyone takes a nice, long nap afterward. Tickets for the event should be available soon at Wine Country Bistro and Bottle Shop.


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