Sacred Strawberry to Host Raw Vegan “Pop-up Lunch” at Sunshine Health Foods

So, I know it’s a little early to be thinking about lunch on Friday, but how does pizza sound? With a side of pesto noodles? And a slice of decadent cheesecake for dessert? What if you could eat all of those things without feeling horrible afterwards; what if you could actually feel healthy and energized following such an epic lunch?

Raw foodists Emily and Daniel Mills, the minds behind Sacred Strawberry, create handmade raw, organic and superfood infused chocolates and snacks including kale chips, sprouted seed crackers, superfood energy truffles and more. The couple regularly sell their products at events like the Shreveport Farmers Market and the Texas Avenue Makers Fair, as well as at Sunshine Health Foods in Shreveport.

A photo of a slice of raw vegan cheesecake
The pumpkin cheesecake created by Sacred Strawberry is raw, vegan, organic and gluten-free.

Sacred Strawberry will host its sixth “pop-up lunch” at Sunshine Health Foods on Friday, November 15, 2013, beginning at 11:30 a.m., serving raw vegan pizza and noodle plates ($8) and cheesecake by the slice ($5.50). If you’d like to be sure that you’re able to sample their creations, it’s best to reserve a plate by posting on their Facebook page or calling Emily at (318) 658-0949.

I spoke with Emily about Sacred Strawberry, eating raw and life in the South.

20×49: When I look at the food you create at Sacred Strawberry – cheesecakes, snack chips, pizza – those aren’t exactly the first food products that come to mind when someone says “raw vegan food.”

Emily: No one wants a sprout salad with a wedge of lemon. That’s not fun and that’s not sexy, at all. We want food to be fun. You know, you’ve gotta meet people where they are.

20×49: Like cheesecake. Cheesecake is definitely where I am.

Emily: And our vegan cheesecakes are outrageous. I never intended to become known for cheesecakes, but we made a few and they were so well-received that the whole thing just took off. (Note: Sacred Strawberry is now taking orders for raw vegan holiday cheesecakes via their Facebook page)

20×49: How has the reception been for your products, in general?

Emily: People are really open to learning, to trying raw food. Most of our customers are looking for a healthier alternative, and you can’t get any more different from the current food paradigm than what we do. We source the best ingredients. Everything’s organic. You don’t have to be a vegan or a raw foodist to enjoy raw foods. When you support your body with optimum nutrition, you’re able to go out and change the world.

This interview has been condensed and edited. Photos for the post were provided by Sacred Strawberry.  


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