A Detailed List of Asian Foods Available at the ASEANA Autumn Festival

As frequent readers of the food posts here at 20×49.com will know already, I am a fan of the various styles of Asian cuisine. The variety of Asian food offerings available in Shreveport-Bossier has exploded in recent years, bringing new options like Vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches (available at Dahn’s Deli Express in Bossier City) and Chinese hot pot soups (available at John’s Seafood in Bossier City) to local food lovers for the first time. If you’re as excited about Shreveport-Bossier’s Asian food scene as I am, you’re going to want to make plans to attend the Second Annual ASEANA Autumn Festival, 4-9 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013.

A photo of Shreveport's Asian Gardens
Decorative lanterns hang from a tree in downtown Shreveport’s Asian Gardens

This small, charming festival held in downtown Shreveport’s Asian Gardens (located near the intersection of Common Street and Milam Street, in the shadow of Shreveport Municipal Auditorium) will feature traditional Asian dancers, Asian lantern displays, live music by the Keith Horton Project and more. Admission is free.

For me, the main attraction will always be the food. Dozens of vendors will be selling incredibly authentic cuisine. I tracked down event organizer Mary Grace de Joya-Vea and asked her to describe some of her favorite foods available at the festival. She declined to choose favorites, but did provide a detailed list of every kind of food being sold at the event.

If you’re particularly excited about eating at this event, I suggest arriving early and bringing small-denomination cash for the sake of convenience.

Here, in all of its spicy, noodley, delicious glory, is the list of food:

1. Fresh egg rolls
2. Caldereta
3. Chicken inasal
4. Atchara papaya relish
5. Pancit pangasinenses style
6. Tocino (pork belly alert!)
7. Sisig
8. Dinuguan
9. Puto
10. Pritong mani (fried peanuts, Filipino-style)
11. Langka/buko tarts

1. Siomai
2. Chopsuey
3. Mandarin chicken
4. Fried rice
5. Pork on stick

1. Pho noodle soup
2. Cambodian spring rolls

1. Japanese Yakitori Chicken

1. Gulab-jamun
2. Samosas
3. Indian rice

Thailand:  Thai style desserts
Vietnam: Taro on coconut milk syrup

1. Roti with curry dipping sauce
2. Chicken satay with peanut sauce
3. Beef satay with peanut sauce
4. Balbacua (hearty tripe soup)


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