Bella Fresca Bistro’s Unusual Burger Toppings

The recently-opened Bella Fresca Bistro, located at 609 Absinthe Court in Shreveport (just off of E. Flournoy Lucas Road), is a smaller, more casual offshoot of the original Bella Fresca location. The menu ranges from salads and wraps to seared tuna tacos and steak frites.

One of the more eye-catching aspects of the menu is the list of toppings that Bella Fresca Bistro will put on their Bella Burgers ($12). The list of uncommon burger toppings available here includes: salami, fresh jalapenos, macaroni and cheese, olive mix, smoked ham, sauerkraut, kalamata olives and fresh avocado slices. Purely in the interest of research, I topped my burger with macaroni and cheese. The resulting burger, open-faced and covered by an entree-sized serving of pasta, drew horrified stares from several South Beach Dieters at surrounding tables. It was scary, but it was also delicious.

A photo of the seared tuna appetizer at Bella Fresca Bistro.
The seared tuna appetizer ($13) at Bella Fresca Bistro in Shreveport.

If you’re not the macaroni and cheeseburger type, my dining partner had a fantastic seared tuna appetizer served with cilantro-wasabi vinaigrette, cucumber and avocado, mixed greens and crisped wonton strips. Half-way through my burger, as I entered a carbohydrate-induced trance, I began to envy her delicious, healthy-looking and reasonably portion-sized dinner. But there was also a part of me that couldn’t help wondering: wasabi burger?

If you’d like to see photos of Bella Fresca Bistro’s food (especially their wonderful-looking Sunday brunch), “Like” the restaurant on Facebook.

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