No Pavement Required: Mountain Biking in Shreveport-Bossier

When it comes to going off-road, North Louisiana has one thing that the rest of the state lacks – hills. You may not find mountains (the highest elevation in the state is just 535 feet!) but you will find 10-15 mile, winding trails through what hills are available. Shreveport is home to a tight-knit community of mountain bike riders who operate as the Louisiana Off-road Cycling Organization (LOCO) and are the one-stop resource for all off-road cycling.

A photo of LOCO members riding in the annual Krewe of Highland Mardi Gras Parade
LOCO members ride in the annual Krewe of Highland Mardi Gras Parade. Photo used courtesy of LOCO.

According to the organization’s website:

“LOCO is primarily a social organization for mountain bikers in northern Louisiana. While our primary focus is on fellowship with like-minded individuals, we also volunteer to perform regular trail maintenance, promote mountain biking in the local area, host group rides, offer cycling fitness and racing advice, and host NW Louisiana’s only fat tire event/race (LOCOfest). Most of our events are open to all, members and nonmembers alike.”

LOCO’s website is an excellent way to be introduced into the community, learn about trails in the area, and get involved with their events and races.

Two of the most popular trails in the area are the Monkey Trail in Eddie Jones Park and the Stoner Boat Launch trail. The Monkey Trail, which is regarded as one of the best trails in the state, is located near Chimp Haven and features some tricky switchbacks and turns, with great maintenance and trailhead area. Beginners might gravitate towards the convenient Stoner Boat Launch trail, which runs parallel to the Red River Bicycle Trail in downtown Shreveport. Perfect for beginners, this trail is a flat singletrack with three different loops to keep things fresh.

Find more places to ride and submit your favorite trails on the LOCO forum and on River City Cycling’s website. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements for the largest USA Cycling-sanctioned championship series mountain bike race in our area, LOCOfest, hosted at the end of April each year.


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