Is Cafe USA America’s Most Patriotic Restaurant?

The menu at Cafe USA, a diner located at 3380 Barksdale Boulevard in Bossier City, isn’t about surprises. Here, you’ll find all of the staples of a southern diner: steak and eggs, fried catfish, cheeseburgers and apple pie. Menu-wise, Cafe USA is all about old-fashioned comfort foods. The decor, however, is another story. You’ve got to see it first-hand to really take in the full effect. This may be the most patriotic restaurant on the planet.

A bacon cheeseburger from Cafe USA, complete with stars and stripes.

Every square inch of the diner is covered in red, white and blue. Even the emergency exit is covered in stars and stripes. From the replica of the Statue of Liberty standing inside the entrance to the plates that the food is served on (they’re decked out with flags, as well), no opportunity to display Old Glory has been missed. If I had to guess, I’d estimate that the average visitor to Cafe USA will encounter several thousand American flags.

So, what should you eat at Cafe USA? For breakfast (available around the clock), the steak and eggs are affordable ($7.89-$8.19) and just fine. For lunch or dinner, stick with a burger and fries or try the fried catfish or a chicken fried steak. The food, honestly, may not be what you remember about this place, but it is absolutely worth a visit.

Though it would be the perfect spot to recommend for an Independence Day lunch or dinner, the restaurant typically closes for vacation during the week of Independence Day, re-opening for business on the Saturday following the holiday.

Looking for the emergency exit? It’s just to the left of the giant eagle quilt.
Lady Liberty welcomes hungry diners.

Cafe USA hours are 6 a.m.-9 p.m., Monday-Saturday, and 6 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sunday. The restaurant can be reached at (318) 742-9600.

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