Come absorb the forgotten Railroad history of Shreveport

Although I am a lifelong resident of Shreveport-Bossier, I had no idea of the rich railroad history in this area. Little did I know that The Shreveport Railroad Museum was located inside the Shreveport Waterworks Museum and there a wealth of history opened up that I didn’t know existed.

From Kansas City Southern to Union Pacific, Shreveport has a rich railroad history that almost certainly includes a generation in your family if you are from this area. “Most people would be surprised to know that the railroad industry has existed in the area since the 1860’s and that more than 20 passenger trains passed through one of the three active train stations on any given day” says Shreveport Railroad Museum Curator Dave Bland. I had not known that nor did I know the other jewels of knowledge he was handing over like there being three passenger railroad stations in use in Shreveport at the same time.

Conductor Hat and ticket puncher
Conductor hat and ticket puncher that was used at passenger station.

The railroad industry is still present in Shreveport-Bossier with the Kansas City Southern and Union Pacific lines alive and well. The Shreveport Railroad Museum is the perfect place to embrace this and appreciate the longevity the railroad industry has had in this area. On display are the maps of routes, artifacts, authentic documents, historic photos and even an actual operating model railroad.The museum is located at 142 N. Common St between Caddo and North Market St and is open Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information contact Dave Bland at (318) 221-3388


  1. Mr. Haygood, it was great meeting you this morning, thank you for your article, and your kind remarks.

  2. Hi, My boss has a old railroad safe that he has had for 30+ years. He has been in the moving business for at lest that long and is going out of business. He would like to know if we sent you pictures if you could tell us how old it is and what it’s worth?

  3. My father was born in Shreveport in 1906, while his father was working on the railroad, as a blacksmith/engineer, as it passed through the area going, I think, south. Could anyone tell me which railroad company this might be?

    1. Hi Elspeth,

      Thanks for sharing some of your family’s history with me. It’s quite intriguing. Unfortunately, this story was written seven years ago by a former employee, so the only information we currently have is the contact listed in the post, Dave Bland at 318-221-3388. Give him a call, and see what you’re able to discover. Best of luck!

    2. Shreveport Union Station:
      Shreveport, Louisiana, was a crossroads for a number of railroad companies as they sought passage from the east to the west coast, and from the north to the Gulf coast. As such, the city was a bit unorthodox, as it hosted no less than four different passenger terminals, instead of just one as traditionally found in other cities of similar size served by multiple railroads. The owners of each were the St. Louis & Southwestern Railroad (Cotton Belt), which served Shreveport Central Station. (

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