Bearded ones to unite for annual competition

Personally, I think a little facial hair on a man – a rugged goatee, a serious moustache, that Ben Affleck beard – can be kind of hot on the right face.

But what exactly is a soul patch, a van dyke, or an imperial? For starters, they’re some of the many qualifying styles that can earn you a spot in the 2nd Annual Northwest Louisiana Beard and Moustache Competition and Facial Hair Art Show held 6 p.m., next Saturday, April 6, at Voodoo Café in downtown Shreveport.

That’s right, you can finally show off that handlebar moustache you’ve been working on, after all “It’s our peacock feathers, wear ‘em,” Josh Porter said in an interview with The Times about last year’s inaugural event.

Porter is the founder of Southern Fried Beard and Moustache Club of Shreveport, which annually hosts the competition. And it turns out this isn’t just any local club, but it’s part of a nationally-recognized organization, Beard Team USA, which hosts the annual National Beard and Moustache Championships.

Yeah, you read that right – there’s actually a national championship contest for bearded and mustached men. Facial hair is serious business.

For the local competition, there are about six categories to choose from, making it pretty wide open for anyone to enter, from Best Moustache and Best Partial Beard to Best Freestyle and more. Not to be left out, there’s even a category for the ladies: Best Women’s Faux Beard.

So get to growing and grooming because it’s only nine days away! In the meantime, check out this cool slideshow from last year’s inaugural competition by The Times entertainment editor Derick Jones.

Think you know your beards? Check out this cool chart:


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