Bohemian Pork Announces Upcoming Tour Dates

At the bottom of a recent Wine Country Bistro e-newsletter, beneath a list of new wine arrivals, there was an unusual section that caught my eye. It read:

Bohemian Pork: An elite force of culinary enthusiasts, guided by relentless focus and a pioneering spirit to create happiness by providing the finest pork for people of all ages everywhere.
(aka Wine Country’s alter ego)
Join us on twitter @BohemianPork  -yes we are learning to tweet!”

The logo for Bohemian Pork, which was designed by Shreveport’s Moonbot Studios.

The simplest way to put it, according to Wine Country co-creator Jason Brady, is that “Bohemian Pork is Wine Country’s barbecue team.” The Bohemian Pork team is behind Wine Country’s annual “Wine and Swine” event (which their hilarious Facebook page lists as being 76 years old), coming up on April 14, 2013. They’ll also be competing in the first-ever Holiday-in-Dixie BBQ Cook-Off, April 19-20, 2013. That event will be held in downtown Shreveport’s Festival Plaza. But before any of this happens locally, they’ll be returning to Hogs for the Cause in New Orleans on Saturday, March 23. Bohemian Pork took second place in the Fan Favorite category in 2012. That event was attended by 16,000 New Orleanians; for a Shreveport-based team to nearly win Fan Favorite is quite an accomplishment.

I suspect that Brady sees a future in Bohemian Pork in addition to cooking at regional events. The Facebook page lists something mysterious-sounding about a world tour. “You never know what Bohemian Pork is going to do,” Brady told me. “But we’re gonna do things our way.”

One interesting aside: Bohemian Pork will be serving up more than pork at Hogs for the Cause this year. They’ll be serving an unusual frozen daiquiri, as well, a Bacon-Infused Buffalo Trace Bourbon Milk Punch Daiquiri. If that sounds as good to you as it does to me, tickets may be purchased here. All proceeds benefit the families of children who have been diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer.


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