Get a glimpse into “The Making Of … Guardians”

If you haven’t gotten enough of William Joyce’s latest best-selling, children’s book series-turned-DreamWorks Animation movie, and you’re in the area before January 26, make your way to artspace, like, now.

That’s where you’ll find “The Making Of … Guardians,” an interactive exhibit that offers fans a rare glimpse into how their current hit film Rise of the Guardians came to be. The exhibit gives you an inside look at how Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and other characters, went from concept to literary interpretation to animation.

Even if you’ve never seen the film, the exhibit is still a treat not just for kids, but for the kid in everybody. “I think if you’ve seen the film, it makes the exhibit much more enjoyable, but anyone who is interested in art or how movies are made will enjoy the exhibit,” said Sara Hebert, marketing director at the Academy Award-winning Moonbot Studios, which is co-owned by Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg.

What also makes it really special is that it’s one of only two such public exhibits in the country. (The other one is showing at the Museum of Moving Image in New York.) And that’s only fitting, considering Joyce is not just a native, but artistic director at artspace.

The exhibition also includes additional fun activities for families to enjoy, including a pajama party with Sandman, story time with Jack Frost, movie screenings and more.

Hebert pretty much sums it up: “It’ll be fun for kids from age two to 92.”

“The Making Of … Guardians” exhibition runs through January 26 at artspace, 710 Texas St., Shreveport. Hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Tuesday- Saturday. Visit for more information.


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