Lost Bayou Ramblers to play at Fatty Arbuckles

If you’re passing through the area in search of live Cajun music this weekend, downtown Shreveport is exactly where you need to be.

That’s where popular south Louisiana band Lost Bayou Ramblers will be performing live, 11 p.m., Friday, Nov. 9 at Fatty Arbuckles.

The band – which features Louis Michot on fiddle and vocals, Andre Michot on accordion and lapsteel, Pauly Deathwish on drums and vocals and Cavan Carruth  on guitar and vocals – has been touring the country nonstop since the release of their latest album, Mammoth Waltz, last April. Rolling Stone featured a video about the making of the album on its website and  described the Lost Bayou Ramblers as a band that “continues to push their Cajun-roots tunes into grittier, new rock-based realms.”

They’re also featured in “The Bathtub,” a single from the soundtrack for the critically-acclaimed hit film Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Check them out in this recent live performance at the Blackpot Festival in Lafayette.


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