GoGreenly at the Texas Avenue Makers Fair

In a previous post, I expressed my enthusiasm for the bi-annual Texas Avenue Makers Fair, which returns to downtown Shreveport, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., this Saturday, Nov. 10. Along with the Shreveport Farmers’ Market (which is also being held this Saturday), the Makers Fair provides a great opportunity to explore downtown Shreveport while supporting non-traditional arts, crafts and food vendors.

“gogreenly+gogreenly, jr.,” photographed at a Minicine event by Stan Carpenter.

Among the food vendors creating unique, delicious offerings for the Nov. 10 Makers Fair is Libby Patterson Smith, a vegetarian and vegan chef from Shreveport and author of the GoGreenly blog. While she’s still finalizing her menu for Saturday’s event, Smith says that she’ll likely be selling “what I call a ‘chicken’ salad made with mashed chickpeas, pecans, apples, red onions and lemon juice, as well as a smoked tomato soup and several salad options.”

Salads? At a festival? In Louisiana? The fact that salads aren’t expected at outdoor events is part of the reason she makes them, Smith said. “I go to big events like the Red River Revel Arts Festival, and I look around and say ‘Where are they selling the salads?'”

As a big fan of the funnel cake, I have to admit: If you see me at the State Fair of Louisiana with a hungry look in my eye, I’m probably not looking for quinoa. But, given healthy eating choices like those provided by GoGreenly, festival eating habits like mine could begin to change. Theoretically speaking, of course.

To see a list of arts, crafts and food vendors who’ll be participating in the Makers Fair, click here. A number of other local restaurants and food vendors, including Twine, Stir Tapas, the Some Like It Hot Food Truck and Ki Mexico will also be participating.

Photos for this post were respectfully borrowed from GoGreenly.com.   


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