Hot Dog Tortas and Pounds of Pico de Gallo

Author’s Note: Today’s post was originally intended to profile Stocky’s Pizza in Haughton, La., a family pizzeria that has recently landed in the headlines because of reports of paranormal activity caught on videotape in the restaurant’s kitchen. However, my photos from Stocky’s came out murky and unappealing. So, in a pinch, I’m compiling a round-up of “close encounters of the taco kind.” I hope to catch up with the pepperoni poltergeist next week!

“Some taco joints,” the old saying goes, “are stranger than others.”

Okay, maybe that isn’t an old saying. But it’s a truism in Shreveport-Bossier, where the last few years have seen the arrival of numerous tacquerias and carnicerias. Here are highlights from two of my more unusual trips to Bossier City tacquerias.

Tacos al Pastor from El Bazaar Mexicano, served with a bag of pico de gallo

El Bazaar Mexicano – The almost completely un-Google-able El Bazaar Mexicano, located at 1352 Airline Drive in Bossier City, serves tacos and homemade tamales in a shop that also stocks Mexican groceries, pinatas and incredibly awesome-looking boots. Order tacos to-go or eat them at a solitary picnic table in the middle of the store. Tacos here are served with an unusual side: a bag of pico de gallo that appears to weigh about two pounds. I must have looked confused when the proprietor of El Bazaar Mexicano handed me the giant, Zip-Loc bag filled with minced vegetables. “Goes with tacos,” he said. Which could also be the title of my autobiography.

Tacqueria Sin Fronteras – Located at 754 Highway 80 in Haughton, La., Tacqueria Sin Fronteras does have incredible tacos. However, the most unusual section of the menu is dedicated to tortas – Mexican sandwiches. Tortas are available at many restaurants in Shreveport-Bossier, but not in this variety: El Cubano (pictured above, an unusual sandwich made out of hot dogs and ham steak), Oaxacana and Hawaiian are just three of about 10 options. These huge, piping hot sandwiches could easily be split between two diners and will run you about $7.

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