Punk rock comes to Mojo’s this weekend

Being a punk rock fan in country music land is probably not easy when it comes to finding a live show. Fortunately, in Shreveport-Bossier, it’s just another weekend. In this case, it’s Friday night, Sept. 21 featuring Off With Their Heads at live music hot spot, Mojo’s, which sits at the corner of Spring and Texas streets in downtown Shreveport.

The Minneapolis, Minn. punk rock band will take the stage with opening performances by local band Infamous Jaguar Shark.

Formed in 2002, Off With Their Heads describe themselves as “unpredictable, self-deprecating, beer-swigging, working-class punk rock” and they have the record (or records) to back it up, including 17 split 7-inch albums, two studio albums, four live and compilations albums and more.

Their latest studio album, In Desolation, marks their first with Epitaph Records and features 12 tracks that display their authentic sound from “Drive” to “Clear the Air.”

Before you go to hear them live, check them out in their 2011 music video for “Clear the Air.
Off With Their Heads – “Clear The Air”

Off With Their Heads | Myspace Music Videos


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