Shreveport haunts take center stage with dinner and a spooky tour

Shreveport-Bossier has a long history of ghost stories and haunted places, and a new event is spotlighting the most chilling every Saturday now through October including Halloween night.

The Haunted Shreveport Tour and Dinner is a unique experience starting with a three-course meal at one of the area’s newest eateries, Twine Shreveport. Participants will then climb aboard the iShuttle for a guided, driving tour of the Caddo Parish Courthouse, Oakland Cemetery, Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, Logan Mansion and more. Following the eerie excursion, participants will return to Twine for a drink and dessert. Sound interesting?

Twine Shreveport founder Rick Rose says it’s a unique experience where locals come together to dine and share real life ghost stories. The chef at Twine even gets involved explaining how many older homes turned restaurants have unexplained occurrences, because of spirits being disturbed. If you can handle the haunts, make plans to attend tomorrow evening’s tour starting at 5 and 5:30 p.m.

Tickets are $55 and can be purchased by clicking here. For a special offer on tomorrow’s tour, call (318) 754-4024. Rick is offering a free bottle of wine for parties of two or more who mention reading this blog.

Read more about Twine by clicking here. See a full list of tour dates and times here.


  1. I was in your wonderful City of Shreveport in early February 2014 on a business trip with the vacation club that we have. As our evening ended past midnight, I had decided to walk alittle around with my camera staying near to Sams Town where we were staying at.As a photographer, I was admiring the railroad tracks and the neon lights, trying to get a shot of the two, this is the one that I had titled,GHOSTLY. Only that when I had snapped the picture there were no one else around or near me.When I had returned to my hotel room, I had uploaded the picture and had noticed this man standing there watching me. I was scared that I had not seen him when I was taken the picture but I was wondering if you would have any information on this character as I am glad that he was a nice spirit and was watching me. I did feel a presence around me but couldn’t put my finger on what was watching me, and here he is of to the right side in the dreadlocks, gray tshirt with the hat on. I hope thAT YOU CAN HELP ME BUT i DON’T KNOW WHERE i CAN UPLOAD THE PICTURE BUT IF YOU GO TO MY WEBPAGE YOU CAN SEARCH FOR IT… OR IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER EMAIL I CAN SEND THIS TO YOU. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME ;0) JODY ADAMS

  2. I hear stray cats is haunted with pics we have taken and the downtown library basement an top floor and a bar called the boot has more than drink spirits. these should b checked out also

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