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On Sunday, June 24, downtown experimental arts venue Minicine? will host an evening of experimental and improvised music performed by At the center of is Aaron Michael Butler, a Centenary College of Louisiana alum (’07) who currently resides in Athens, OH, where he is pursuing a master’s degree in music history while teaching music and performing.

Sunday night’s performance will be comprised of six pieces of music, including John Zorn’s “Cobra,” a piece that Butler said “is kind of like channel surfing, but with sound.” The performance, Butler said, “can last a minute, or can last an hour. It’s all improvised by the musicians, and the rules can change on the fly.”

He believes that the unpredictable nature of improvisation contributes to the joy of seeing experimental music performed live.

“It’s definitely a live medium, for sure,” Butler said. “When people can see how it’s being made, everything that’s involved, it’s different from hearing it on a record. The audience becomes more invested in it.”

Other composers whose pieces will be performed on Sunday night include Terry Riley, John Cage and Nathan Davis (whose piece, “Diving Bell,” was composed in 2002 “for triangles and laptop”). The show begins at 7 p.m. Admission is a suggested donation of $5.

Minicine? is located at 846 Texas Avenue.

Photography note: The above photo of artist Aaron Michael Butler was downloaded from his Facebook profile. If you are the owner of this photo and would prefer that we did not use it to promote his upcoming performance, please contact Chris Jay at cjay AT sbctb DOT org.


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