Say goodbye to Super Water Sympathy

Ever since the 2011 release of their debut album, Vesper Belle, Super Water Sympathy has shot off like a rocket into the musical hemisphere garnering  everything from critical acclaim to heavy rotation on the MTV series Caged and writing and production credits on B.o.B’s Chandelier.

So, to their fans, it probably comes as no surprise that the band is headed to London’s Voltaire Road Studios to record their second album with hit producer Cam Blackwood, (Think Florence and the Machine, Coldplay,  Ceelo and Jamiroquai, to name a few.) Nor will it surprise their fans that, come July, they’ll join the highly coveted Vans Warped Tour.

Unfortunately that does mean it could be awhile before you see a local Super Water Sympathy show again.

So stop by their final shows on Saturday, May 26 to say goodbye. They’re performing live, 9-11 p.m. on the Swamp Stage  at the annual Mudbug Madness Festival. Then, they’re heading to Fatty Arbuckles’ at midnight for the “After Party” where they’ll perform, along with Irene and the Sleepers.

For SWS first-timers, check out this fun, quirky video for their tongue-in-cheek debut single “You Us Hey,” to get a taste of the band’s unique sound, best described as a blend of ethereal ’90s rock with a modern twist.


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