Japan by Way of Louisiana: Chicken Katsu Donburi at Sake Sushi

Look over the menus of a few sushi restaurants in Shreveport-Bossier and you may see a pattern emerge. At many, you’ll find rolls named for sports franchises, some similar grill and soup options, and perhaps a roll or two with a name that may prompt an unplanned discussion of “the birds and the bees.” But, despite the common elements they share, sushi menus are like fingerprints – they all have a few characteristics that others don’t. In the best cases, these unique offerings are really memorable and surprising.

The Chicken Katsu Donburi at Sake Sushi ($9.75) is one of my favorite examples of such menu items. A bowl of rice topped with fried chicken, an over-easy egg, caramelized onions, and vegetables, Chicken Katsu Donburi is a riff on Tonkatsu, a traditional Japanese dish that is, essentially, a Louisiana-style plate lunch served in a bowl. Separate the ingredients here, serve them in to-go stryofoam, and this meal would be perfectly at home in the pick-up window at C&C Cafe. If you enjoy the Katsu Donburi as much as I do, you may want to trek over to the Louisiana Boardwalk, where Sushiko offers a pork cutlet version of Tonkatsu.

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