Engine to Perform Free Show at Mojo’s

According to their Twitter profile, Engine is “a collection of North Louisiana musicians who combine the old elements of folk with the warmth of fuzzy synthesizers and modest electric guitar work.” At the center of this collection is Landon Miller, a soft-spoken and infinitely likeable guy who, like three other members of the band, is a southern Louisiana native with a minister for a dad.

“Most of us grew up playing gospel and folk, because that’s what our parents listened to,” Miller said from his porch in Shreveport’s Highland neighborhood.

Cover artwork for Engine's "Caverns of Sonora"
Cover artwork for Engine's new album, "Caverns of Sonora"

A spiritual influence shines through on the band’s sophomore album, “Caverns of Sonora,” which they recently completed. The album is available for free streaming or paid download via their Bandcamp page, and will be released on CD at a June 2 performance at Fatty Arbuckle’s. This Friday, May 11, they’ll play “a sort of soft-release” show for the album at Mojo’s (203 Texas Street, downtown Shreveport). The show begins at 11 p.m. and is 21 and up. Admission is free.

To stream the album in its entirety for free, visit their Bandcamp page.

Contact the band at engine.message AT gmail DOT com or via their Facebook profile.

RSVP to the facebook event for the Friday, May 11 show.


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