Prom Party 2012 with the Moulin Dudes and Trepid

Nobody forgets their prom. The magic of prom night. The prom dress. The fun times you had with your date and friends.

Or maybe it was a disaster. Maybe you didn’t even go.

Well, dry those tears because here’s your chance to relive those memories or create new ones: The Riverside Warehouse and The Moulin Dudes have teamed up to create the ultimate prom night with Prom Party 2012.

TrepidIt all goes down starting at 9 p.m. Saturday, May 12 at the Warehouse, 630 Commerce St. in Shreveport.

The night will include music by The Moulin Dudes and Trepid, drink specials and more.

Of course there are three essentials to the perfect prom night and Prom Party 2012 will be no different:

1. The dress. That’s right,  dig out that old dress or tux and work it retro style (Pretty in Pink, anyone?) Or if you feel like splurging or never went to your prom, this is the chance to go shopping for something new. Scene from "Pretty in Pink"

2. The date. Ok, so you’ve been eyeing that guy or girl at your favorite lunch spot everyday, but you’ve been too afraid to ask her out? Well, how cute would it be to ask her to be your prom date?  Ok, it may be a little creepy, depending on your style. Either way, this is one prom party where you can either go with a date or go dolo and it’s all good.

3. The photo.  Forget the corsages, the most important memento of prom night is the prom pic. And the same goes for Prom Party 2012. There actually will be an area set aside for you to capture this special night on film and maybe replace the one where your eyes were closed all those years ago.

To top it all off, if you’re really lucky, you and your date could be crowned prom king and queen.

Learn more about Prom Party 2012 here.


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